My approach

My coaching philosophy is person-centred, using active listening with high quality attention.

What people often lack is someone who listens closely to their story, provides a clear reflection of what is being said and notices what may be in the way of them achieving their goal. My style of coaching ensures that you can explore at your own pace, within a safe structure that allows me to offer an appropriate push,  if that is needed to help you realise your business and working life intentions.

Drawing on the CREATE model, we will begin with a clarification of your intention and then allow the solutions that you already hold to surface from within yourself.

I will coach you to reflect on your role and relationships in your work system, whether at a team or whole organisation level. Using a wide and eclectic array of models and tools, I will support you to gain clarity about where change is needed, with whom and how to achieve it.

I work equally with clients who are action and goal driven, and those for whom the quality of relationships is paramount. How we work will be tailored to what you want to achieve. If you don’t yet know that in detail, our coaching conversation will lead you into a new understanding of the nature of what you are seeking and how to reach it.