Why do I coach?

It is a privilege to witness my coaching clients realise that they do have the resources that they need to transform their working lives in the way that they want – in other words, to fully realise their intention.

I enjoy the creative challenge of working with clients to uncover the bespoke solution that they need to make the changes that they seek.


I believe that we can each make the world a better place – and have a responsibility to future generations to do so. 

After years of focusing on engaging people with places, I have returned to my person to person roots and trained as a leadership coach to achieve that aspiration in a different way.

I am lucky to be able to point to achievements on the ground secured through influencing senior executives and board members across the public, private and third sectors. Whether influencing 1:1, in groups at conferences or facilitating focused events within multi-professional groups, a key underpinning skill has been effective listening. This means paying full attention to what the other needed, whether business, organisation or individual and then exploring the overlapping objectives.

These listening skills are core to my business coaching where the objective is to support my client to achieve their personal, team or organisational goals – their intention. This person-centered approach is rooted in systemic theory that acknowledges each individual’s position and sphere of influence within the human system: I support my client to identify the resources that they have, encourage their exploration of what might be in the way and insight to overcome and then bed down personal and team change which can be sustained over time.

Warm regards,